Be As You Are: A Family, Fan Video

The Nosek family recently spent 11 days on the island. It was their first visit, and like many, they were immediately hooked. What makes this family stand out is that their 12-year-old daughter made a pretty cool vacation video along to Kenny Chesney’s “Be As You Are.” We don’t have the rights to the song, so we’re not too sure how long it’ll be up. So watch it as soon as you can. She did a great job.

6 thoughts on “Be As You Are: A Family, Fan Video”

  1. That was great. This clearly took a good deal of planning on Sophie’s part. It looks like she storyboarded the entire video to get the shots she would need later. Starting off with a great song that captures the STJ vibe also helps.

    Keep up the good work. Now you have to go back to see if you can top this one.

  2. Love this song and the video captures the true feeling of being in our paradise. Would have enjoyed a few less “special effects” as some of the pictures were hard to see because of all the “stuff” going on. But, overall, it showed the feeling of pure joy we feel whenever we are in St John.

  3. Love the song and play it all the time especially on island. She did a great job and I am sure her parents are proud and I bet Kenny is flattered. A producer in the making!!!

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