Barbecue wars

You wouldn't expect St. John to boast great barbecue spots.  But it does.  

Candis The one everyone knows about is Joe's Barbecue in Cruz Bay, across the street from the post office and Cap's Place.  

The other is Candi's, located in a shed on the road going out of town toward the Westin, just before a stop sign. (That's it at the left, courtesy of PlateoftheDay.com.)

Joe's primary attractions are good chicken and ribs and low prices.  

Among its biggest fans is Trent Sandusky who blogged,

"Eating at Uncle Joe's BBQ is as simple and stress-free as finding it. Pull out a plastic chair, grab a bottle of something cold, and order ribs or chicken. It doesn't matter which one you choose; they're both tender, comforting and downright awesome."

On the other hand, PlateoftheDay.com trumpeted Candi's.

"It was nice to just sit down and have some grilled fish fresh off the grill. The combo includes a side of peas and rice, fries and salad for $14. That’s actually cheap on this island believe it or not. It was also a lot of food, so we couldn’t complain."

Blackdogbuckle, on Trip Advisor, is another Candi's fan:

"I liked that you could also get a grilled fish (hold the barbq sauce) or a grilled steak at Candi's. The fish was Grouper one time and Mahi the next,and both times it was a large portion and grilled to perfection. They also have a special on Fridays of stewed chicken, mac n cheese, plantains."

Some people will be put off by the ramshackle appearance of both Joe's and Candi's.  They're don't look like real restaurants, the way Zozo's or La Plancha do, or even the Lime Inn.  But among adventurous visitors, to judge from online travel forums, Candi's is becoming quite the fave.  On the other hand, Trip Advisor says Joe's is the 6th best restaurant in Cruz Bay, out of more then 80.

7 thoughts on “Barbecue wars”

  1. Candi’s slaw is amazing and the grilled mahi is so fresh . We eat
    There once a week while we are in island.

  2. Candi’s has the BEST ribs I’ve ever eaten!! It’s our first meal we always have when we get to STJ…..& we usually end up eating there several more times during our stay. Their food, portions & prices are amazing!

  3. BIG Candi’s fans, here! Love, love, love her ribs, with both her original sauce and her new spicy jerk sauce. We were there three times during our week on the rock this Spring.
    The service is FAST and FRIENDLY, the price is VERY REASONABLE, and the ribs are GREAT! Can’t improve upon that combination!

  4. My new bbq favorite is the Barefoot Cowboy, behind Saltwater Gypsy Consignment in the Lumberyard. Lori runs Saltwater Gypsy and Wayne runs Barefoot Cowboy. He has an UBER grill/smoker and does pulled pork and smoked pork shoulder sliders. At happy hour 4-7pm sliders are 2 for $5 and bottled beer is only $2. On Wednesdays he has music. I love that place for people watching from the balcony, too!

  5. We’ve always been a huge fan of Joe’s. Never miss eating there when we are on island. Wish they still sold the sauce, though.

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