Bar Wars serves up $ for animals

The 8th Annual Bar Wars competition at the Beach Bar raised $3,500 for the St.
John Animal Care Center.

The early August tradition on the sand in Cruz Bay found teams of four and eight people competing to show off the best bar tending and serving techniques – yielding spills, pratfalls, and laughs galore. 
“Teams progressed to the next round in traditional ways – by winning or offering financial inducements to the judges.  All “bribe” money went directly to the ACC, as did proceeds from sale of event t-shirts.

6 thoughts on “Bar Wars serves up $ for animals”

  1. This event is so much fun to watch and the participants are hilarious and extremely generous. I look forward to Bar Wars every year. Thanks, Allen & Cat, you rock! XOXO

  2. Thank Goodness for business Folks like The Beach Bar and our regular business contributors- from The Christmas for The Animals to Wagapalooza-and every Fund Raiser in between- who keep our doors open at the ACC for the many animals needs on our Island of St. John!
    Thank You Cat and Allan.
    Anyone else out there want to put on a party….and raise a hunk of change for the ACC-just call us! It’s a win-win for all involved esp. our Island animals. Jen Dale THANKS for working at the helm with Beach Bars on this!
    Bonny Corbeil Acc Board Member.

  3. The Animals at the ACC say “Thank you” to Cat and Allen for always helping them out.
    XO Meow, Woof,Woof

  4. We adore your dedication towards the animals on St.John.
    My husband and I plan to retire to St.John….or perhaps sooner.
    We do rescue in Jersey and will forever volunteer for animals where there is a need.
    It is heartwarming to know you are there and have the respect and support from your community XO

  5. I count myself as an animal lover too, but it seems that every fundraiser on STJ is for the ACC. $3,000 there, $5,000 there – didn’t wagapolooza raise like $25 grand or something?
    I notice that no one ever seems to have a fundraiser that raises any significant funds for the local public schools, who would be thrilled with $3,500 let alone $20,000. The animals seem to get better treatment than the local children.

  6. Perhaps stj_snewz is not familiar with the annual Sprauve school fundraiser at Caneel each January which has raised between $80-100K+ every year for the last 9 years. The folks in Coral Bay will be dismayed to see that their annual efforts for Guy Benjamin school have gone unnoticed as well. “For the Animals”

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