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Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!

We received word from Mike Anderson of the National Park Service that the National Park on St. John is now open! So go out and enjoy all of the beauty St. John has to offer!

This only pertains to the park on St. John. The remainder of National Parks remain closed, according to Mike.

Here is some more info as to why the decision was made courtesy of the St. Thomas Source:

“Our management asked for clarification on beach access as related to how the park was created,” (Deputy Superintendent Mike Anderson of NPS) said.

He said that based on advice from the U.S. Interior Department’s solicitor’s office, the park decided to open the beaches, hiking trails and park roads that lead to beaches. The North Shore Road that leads past most of the beaches was open throughout the week because it is a public road.

He said he was not clear on the specifics of what transpired since that discussion happened at the park’s southeast regional headquarters in Atlanta but had to do with the enabling legislation for the park.

“The legal interpretation was that we should provide public access to the beach,” he said.

Anderson pointed out that the opening of the beaches has nothing to do with the territory’s open shoreline law because federal law supersedes local law.

He said that lifeguards will return to duty Monday morning at Trunk Bay, the only beach that has lifeguards. Anderson said the Trunk Bay restrooms will also reopen.

The Visitor Center in Cruz Bay and Annaberg Plantation both will remain closed.

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14 thoughts on “Back in Business!”

  1. I was on St. John at Trunk Bay on Saturday October 5 2013 in the early afternoon. I saw one local police vehicle heading towards town while I was driving in.

    There were at least 30-50 people at Trunk Bay during the hour and a half I was there.

    I later saw only one park ranger deeper in the park standing and talking at someone’s vehicle which seemed liked friendly conversation. Some of the beach entrances had been taped off but not at Trunk Bay. If you haven’t been to Trunk Bay, it just went to the top of my list of best beach in the Caribbean out of a half dozen islands.

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