We’re back! Parade Wrap Up & Charter Day One…

Hey everyone, did you miss us? We certainly missed all of you. Well Festival is now officially over and we had a blast! We shared a couple of videos from the parade over on Facebook Friday. For those of you who missed it, here’s a little montage we made…

And here are a few more pics…

festival 1

festival 3

festival 2


So as we mentioned the other day, News of St. John is out and about on a charter this week. We hopped aboard the Guiding Light early Saturday morning and are having an amazing time so far. Our first stop was Norman Island. Norman Island is located east of St. John and is best known for being the model for the book “Treasure Island“.

We were so happy to see that the original Pirate’s Bight is back open after a fire last fall. As we mentioned earlier this year, they opened a temporary space during construction and I have to say the main space now looks just as beautiful as it did before. See for yourself…

pirates 1

pirates chair


So after we had a few Bushwackers at the Bight, we took the dinghy over to the Willy T, the only floating bar in the British Virgin Islands. I have to say, the Willy T. is one of the most fun places in the BVIs and it consistently ranks as one of the best bars in the world. And when you’re visiting the Willy T., it’s almost a rule that you have to jump from the top deck. Here’s Mini News of St. John taking his first jump off the top…

mini news of st john

And Shane McClellan, our boat captain for the week…

shane diving

So the Willy T. is definitely known for its potential for debauchery. Well Saturday afternoon was no exception…

Will T Naked
Disclaimer: We have no idea who this man is, and Mr. News of St. John asked me to make it perfectly clearly to all of you that this is not him. 🙂

I think that one scarred Mini News of St. John for life. 🙂

Off to Cooper Island next… Stay tuned!

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