‘Avalanche’ of Lionfish

Lionfish (1)

Lionfish captured off Klein Bay

The first lionfish was captured in the Virgin islands, off St. Croix, in 2008. Now, says the education outreach coordinator for a group trying to curb the predator, it’s an avalanche.

In a presentation to St. John Rotary this week, Frank Cummings said the lionfish is so common that several thousand have been captured of St. John, alone, the St. John Source reported. (Full story here.)

Cummings said his group, Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education, believes a budget of $200,000 a year would be enough to protect VI waters, and marine life, from the spiny predator. The money would be used to buy response boats, two captains, and six full-time divers.

He said the lionfish will affect tourism in the VIs. Right now thanks to efforts by himself and lifeguards, there are no lionfish at Trunk Bay.

5 thoughts on “‘Avalanche’ of Lionfish”

  1. I did some shore diving at the reefs around Vi’s beach and Hansen during my last vacation; I counted 15 adults. Next time loan me a spear gun and tell me how to use it and I will bring back 15 adults.

  2. How will it effect tourism? The USVIs, except St Croix DO NOT promote diving. The restaurants should be serving it, they are tasty and we have them on menus in South Florida.

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