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Good Morning!  I thought maybe you could use a little breather from the real world today.  Take a break with one of my favorite views on St. John.  I can never get over the wide array of Caribbean blue hues in this area!

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This view from the these well-known ruins is just the first stop on a fun day of St. John exploration in the area.  The nearby parking area offers access to trails and beaches as well.  A notorious snorkeling spot is just a short, flat hike from this area and the ruins of two great houses lie just beyond it.

Where am !?

COVID Testing for Travel 101

COVID Testing for Travel 101 5

Hi all! I hope this beautiful Tuesday finds you well! I know there has been a lot of COVID related info on the site lately, but we have recently received a ton of messages in regards to testing. So, I hope to get all of the information to you here so we can get back to some more fun things tomorrow 🙂

Testing is not ONLY required for arrival anymore. The State of New York is now requiring it for incoming flights and we may see more of that with stateside airports as the number of cases continues to rise. So, in getting out ahead of that…Here’s everything you need to know about COVID testing. For both arriving AND departing guests.

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Updated Ferry Schedule and Online Ticketing

Updated Ferry Schedule and Online Ticketing 7

If you have been following along, you have probably seen that the passenger ferry has been operating on limited hours since the beginning of the pandemic last spring.  In recent months, since the re-opening to tourism, reports of the ferries being packed have been circulating.  Well, in the spirit of social distancing, the passenger ferry will be operating with more extended hours.  Additionally, a new online ticketing system will help to ease your traveling minds.

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Business Spotlight: A Day of Luxury on Silver Coral

Business Spotlight: A Day of Luxury on Silver Coral 9

A lot of you out there are probably in the midst of the beginnings of some chilly weather in the states. You’re likely starting to daydream about your annual winter warm up. Let the vacation planning begin! What better way to spend a day on St. John than being on the water aboard Love City’s newest luxury charter boat?

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St. John Receives a Hefty October Rainfall

St. John Receives a Hefty October Rainfall 10

Earlier this year, there was a lot of concern voiced over the lack of greenery on the hillsides of St. John as the territory hedged through a drought.  We go through a significant dry period each spring and summer leading into hurricane season.

You may remember the severity of the drought in 2015.  We thought the rain would NEVER come!

Well, this year was very similar and was categorized as “severe” by the US Drought Monitor Map.  And, over the past few weeks, it has come to a dramatic end with a huge surge of rainfall on St. John.

So, while the many areas in the country are experiencing intense droughts and wildfires, the Virgin Islands are experiencing record breaking rainfalls which has led to flooding in some areas.  The average annual precipitation in the USVI according to Weather Atlas is 38 inches with the majority of that accumulation occurring between September and November.

The University of Nebraska reports these totals as collected by weather stations at different locations on St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.  The Cruz Bay station’s average total for October 1-13 of this year was recorded at 2.55 inches.  An additional 3 inches between October 14-21 makes that a total of about six inches for this month.  So, to say that things are back to being green right now would be an understatement.  The hillsides are absolutely popping with color and we are experiencing beautifully clear skies under which to enjoy them.

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Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December

Lovango Resort & Beach Club Opening in December 11

In an article published last week, we reported that the BVI will continue to keep their seaports closed for some time while they test out their re-opening protocols at the Beef Island airport.  This, unfortunately, means we won’t be heading “across the pond” via boat any time soon.  But, the beautiful waters of the USVI and some new things to do locally are calling.  So, you should still do yourself a favor and get out on a boat while you are here!

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