Online Art Auction and Virtual Concert Series

Online Art Auction and Virtual Concert Series 1

Good Morning All!  I have mentioned many times before the absolutely devastating effect that COVID-19 has had on our island’s very necessary non-profits over the past year.  The majority of them host fundraisers throughout the year that give the little island that could a reason to get out and socialize for a number of great causes.  This year, many of them have struggled with the cancelling of these momentous annual events which has caused drastic decreases to their annual fundraising efforts.

But, in the true spirit of St. John, most of them have been flexible and creative; developing new ways to raise funds and collect donations online.  And fortunately for all of you who are not currently on St. John, this means that you can participate and support from afar like never before!  This month, the St. John School of the Arts has taken their annual concert series to the web and are hosting an online art auction to “keep their lights on” and support the artistic community and students of St. John!

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The Simplistic Beauty of Cinnamon Bay – By Alex Glass

The Simplistic Beauty of Cinnamon Bay - By Alex Glass 2

Happy Monday!  A few weeks ago, I received a message inquiring as to whether we would accept a submission from a student.  Without asking questions, I immediately said yes.  And I’m so glad I did.  On Friday the following article about Cinnamon Beach came in from Alex Glass.

Alex is in fourth grade and is spending the year away from all of his friends at Maret School in Washington DC. His family relocated to St. John for a short time and Alex is remote learning.  Here, he writes with a great deal of gratitude about the opportunity to be here this year and enjoy his favorite beach in abundance.  I hope you enjoy his perspective on the beauty of Cinnamon Bay 🙂

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Real Estate Spotlight: Find Your Paradise at Little Palm Villa

Views from Little Palm Villa

Good Morning!  Today I have a home to share with you that has me a little green with envy towards the future buyer.  This two bedroom, two bath masonry villa has so much sophisticated charm, an affordable price tag, plenty of space without being extravagant and an incredible location with views to match.  Little Palm Villa is, for me personally, a perfect St. John escape.

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Under The Sea: More Than Just Sun Rays

Under The Sea: More Than Just Sun Rays 3

I feel like we can all agree that there is something extremely inviting about the turquoise waters surrounding St. John.  And I’m not just talking about floating around and sipping on a cocktail inviting (because we all know how wonderful that experience is).  I’m talking about sticking your face in the water and exploring the world beneath the surface.

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Keep Left!

Keep Left! 4

Good Morning and a happy Monday to you all!  I’m afraid that I have some not so great news this morning, but it needs to be addressed.  For it comes with a little PSA that I suppose is necessary given the number of first time visitors traveling to the USVI this winter and the unfortunate events of last week.  So, today, we need to go back to St. John basics….Driving on the left side of the road.

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Local Livin’- Local Cuisine with Smitty at Island Breeze

Local Livin'- Local Cuisine with Smitty at Island Breeze 5

Good Morning and a happy Friday to you!  I hope that all of you are wrapping up your work week with a smile on your face and ready to get into some fun this weekend.  I’m excited to be revisiting the Local Livin’ series this morning with a highlighted local business that offers amazing food, weekend specialties and really, really good company.

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Real Estate Spotlight: True Caribbean Charm at Caribyn Odyssea

Caribbean views

Good Morning and a happy Thursday to you!   Today I would like to share with you a three level masonry home tucked into a quiet corner of Coral Bay with expansive views and outdoor spaces and TONS of Caribbean charm.  Caribyn Odyssea has been on the market for a bit and just underwent a $55k price cut.  AND, if you’re not currently checking out the Love City housing market, this four bedroom slice of paradise is available for short-term rentals….So, still worth checking out!  Let’s take a look….

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Valentine’s Day at the Drive In

Valentine's Day at the Drive In 6

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  And if you are planning to be on St. John with your special person on the day designed for sweethearts, you may have already started to think about what to do to celebrate your love.  There are plenty of incredible restaurants on island for a romantic dinner and numerous boats to choose from for a sunset sail, but this year there’s an alternative to the norm that is equally special and fun!

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Shaibu’s Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay!

Shaibu's Garden Oasis Opens in Cruz Bay! 7

I have some news today that I am VERY excited to share with you all! You may be familiar with the beautiful courtyard nestled away in Cruz Bay that was once home to Rhumb Lines before they switched locations and moved to Coral Bay. You may also be familiar with Shaibu’s Gourmet Grab and Go in the Marketplace…A small space tucked behind St. John Hardware that offers quick, healthy and delicious lunch and fresh juices to go with an emphasis on local product and flavors. Well, those two worlds collided last week into an amazingly renovated space and global concept dining experience that you won’t want to miss on your next trip down!

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Local Livin- Revisited

Local Livin- Revisited 8

It was just about eight months ago that I wrote my first post for News of St. John.  In that time, I have learned so much more about our community, hunting for the stories here, the writing styles that work (and the ones that don’t!) and that a journalism major completed in the early 2000’s can still be (somewhat) effective 20 years later!  When I first started this, I had a vision to capture the lives and histories of various and inspirational St. John residents in a weekly series called “Local Livin.”

As time went on, COVID and travel updates and the opening and closing of businesses and the territory took center stage.  The series took a back burner for a while.  But I would like to revisit and re-share the three profiles I did complete and also introduce a new spin on the Local Livin’ series!  I hope that you enjoy reading, or re-reading, the following stories of Ital Delroy Anthony, Doreen Callwood and Nisha Jones.

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