A Natural Phenomenon on St. John

A Natural Phenomenon on St. John 1

I’m sure you all have seen the photos and news reports about the MASSIVE Sahara dust cloud moving across the Atlantic.  Right now, on St. John, the air is heavy.  The sky is invisible behind the layer of beige haze.

This is not an uncommon occurrence here for this time of year.  But this one is the largest and most noteworthy dust plume in over 50 years according to The Weather Channel.

A Natural Phenomenon on St. John 2
A hazy Cruz Bay – Photo cred: Brent Porter Portney

The light haze is usually a welcome sight to Islanders.  Beautiful sunsets generally precede or follow the peak impact, bringing hope that the dryness of the air will suffocate tropical storms that are stifled by this natural phenomenon.

However this Father’s day, St John woke up to beige skies.  St Thomas was barely visible from overlooks.  Long-time residents are saying they have never seen anything like this.

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The Legend of the Hook Bracelet

The Legend of the Hook Bracelet 3

Have you have ever bumped into a stranger somewhere completely random, only to notice they have on a hook bracelet that matches your own?  Then you know. You know you have found someone else who leaves a little piece of their heart in the Virgin Islands.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, you’re likely reading this while dreaming of your first vacation to St. John. Once you arrive, you will quickly notice this unique bracelet, one or more, on the wrist of every man, woman and child. Yes, we even put them on our babies.

What Is the Hook Bracelet’s Connection to the Virgin Islands?

Today the hook bracelet is an established symbol of the Virgin Islands. Its rebirth has been accredited to Sonya Hughes of St. Croix. Hughes began creating her handcrafted, unique and signature hook bracelets in 1964 and they quickly became a MUST HAVE for all who visited St. Croix.

This stunning tradition is now interwoven into VI culture, and artisans on St. John are now crafting their own versions of the notorious hook as well. The St. John specific hook evolved from the simple “U” shape with the addition of a ball embellishment turning it into a “J.”

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St John: Between the Pages

St John: Between the Pages 4

Looking for a good book to lose yourself in while exploring St John or relaxing on one of her spectacular beaches?

Why not step back in time through stories of St John of old? Or, if you’d rather, live out an imagined adventure in a novel set amidst her shores and bays.

Enhance your own daydreams while losing yourself in one (or ALL!) of the many books penned by authors who hail from her emerald shores or came to them for inspiration. All have a story of St John to tell.

Here are a few recommendations to get you started, but the options are many. The beauty and magic of St John is inspiring new tales to be written every day.

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