Are you bound for St. John?

Most of our readers have been to St. John.  Many, more than once.

Is the island in your vacation plans between now and next summer?

7 thoughts on “Are you bound for St. John?”

  1. I have sailed many of the Caribbean islands – but when my husband and I found St. John we just felt so connected to the island. (I think I lived there in a previous life -hah.) When we get on the ferry to St.John – we both look at each other and say – “We’re home”. But we also know we are not the only ones that feel this way. St John has beome our vacation destination – twice a year. We brought our young adult children last year and of course they love St. John too. As a Christmas gift to them we are renting a villa and we are all (8 of us)returning in January. We have made so many great memories in St. John. We have also introduced St. John to our friends. We own a time share week in July. St. John is getting so expensive though – I do not know how much longer we will be able to afford to get there and to play there – especaily with retiremnt in the near future. St. John is a magical island – for sure!!! We are blessed to have found this wonderful place.

  2. I know exactly how Linda feels! We’ll be returning to St. John for two weeks in summer 08. This will be our fourth summer on STJ. When we get off the Cruz Bay Ferry we’re both grinning like kids. The joy of coming back never grows old! We dream about how we could make a living and retire on STJ now that the children are grown.

  3. Wow, the other posts hit it right on! we too feel the same way about STJ! will be back on island next may for 3 1/2 wks. in a villa!!! 6 mo. 3 wks. 3 days!! we to feel as though we’re going home & yes we also would love to retire on the island but things are getting more expensive minute by minute!!!! for now we appreciate the time we have on STJ & feel immensely fortunate for the past & next visit we are able to make !!!! it’s funny because once we visit Starfish Market for groceries we feel it’s official!!! We Have now arrived home!!!! LOL Joe & Rachelle cleve.

  4. I’m thinking about maybe trying out Maho Bays’ Estate Concordia next year.Like probably many of you,I’ve fallen in love with Maho over the last few years,and would like to stay somewhere closer to the North shore and/or Coral Bay.I’m potentially looking for a rental for 2 with a pool.I’m hoping for a more cost effective trip this year-any suggestions?

  5. James,
    We’re trying out Concordia Studios this winter, based on our fondness for Saltpond Bay and a desire to get away from all the construction at the west end. The north beaches (we like Waterlemon & Francis Bays) are no further away than when we stayed in Chocolate Hole.

  6. My husband and I and my sister and her husband stayed at Luminaria for a week in July. It was so beautiful we plan to return in June for 2 weeks.

  7. I’d love to be going back, but right now the young-uns are at an age where it would be more work than fun to bring them along. Plus there’s the whole being broke thing. But we will be back, someday …

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