April 20th Governor’s Update: When He Thinks You Can Return

April 20th Governor's Update: When He Thinks You Can Return 1

The Governor just held another press conference regarding COVID-19 and its effects in the US Virgin Islands. Here are the key takeaways:

  • The beaches reopened today. He stated that this week will be a test to see how people behave and to see how serious people in the Territory are taking the pandemic.
  • Based on the current numbers in the Territory, he does not expect a large surge to occur within the next two to three weeks.
  • The Governor feels “safe” that “we have COVID under control” in the Territory.
  • The current Stay at Home order expires April 30th. The government will contemplate “if we’ll open and what will be open” at that time.
  • It appears that the current accommodations ban will be extended through mid-May. The Governor stated: “We don’t want to anticipate having any new tourist come in, as far as opening up the reservation system, at least until May 15. That will give us an additional two weeks.”
  • The Governor does not anticipate any mass gatherings occurring within the US Virgin Islands until mid-July. If this holds true, it means that St. John’s annual Festival (carnival) celebration would be cancelled.
  • The Governor said he will keep an eye on the key feeder states like New York, Florida and Georgia when making decisions regarding reopening the Territory for tourism.

Those are today’s key messages. We will keep you posted on this.

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9 thoughts on “April 20th Governor’s Update: When He Thinks You Can Return”

  1. I was actually able to tune into the news conference today. Thanks for the bucket Ted points. Hoping the beach opening today goes well for the territory so a slow reopening can occur. New York cases are going down, and I know that is a feeder area for you, they are past the peak, too, from what I gather. Thanks again for the continued positivity and updates.

  2. I thought the hotels might be offering some incentives, given the circumstances, but if they are, it appears that the Westin doesn’t want any part of it. Their quoted rates are higher than any of the last three times we’ve been there.

  3. I can’t wait until it is open. Even if I can’t go there, I just want something to get better. I have no problem quarantining in St John for 2 weeks (maybe 2 months!)

  4. They should reopen only when they have enough of those tests that give rapid results so they can test all travelers.

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