April 17 Update: Beaches, Reopening & More

April 17 Update: Beaches, Reopening & More 1

Hi all, the Governor just held a press conference. As we told you earlier this week, he holds several a week which you can watch live on Government House’s Facebook page. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • The beaches are expected to reopen on Monday, April 20th. The Governor cautioned against going into the water until Thursday, April 23 when water quality results will be completed. He especially stressed staying out of the water in bays that have seen a recent influx of boats.
  • It is “more than likely” that alcohol will be prohibited from all beaches when they reopen on April 20.
  • If you visit a beach, the Governor stated you can only visit with immediate family members.
  • The restrictions on mass gatherings remain in place.
  • The Territory is working to provide taxi and grocery delivery service to seniors.
  • The government has received infrared thermometers and is checking incoming passengers for temperatures at the airport.
  • Discussions have began regarding reopening the islands “internally,” the Governor said.
  • The Governor also stated “We are well away from opening our economy.”

The next press conference is at 1 p.m. Monday AST. It is expected that he will address the accommodations ban at that time.


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10 thoughts on “April 17 Update: Beaches, Reopening & More”

  1. So does this mean it is ok for people to come down or not? We are scheduled for 5/17-24 and still haven’t cancelled as we are holding on to a sliver of hope!

    • Thanks for this update, Jen. Good info. I look forward to hearing what his time frame is for reopening to people outside the territory. Looking forward to Monday’s press conference update. Hoping we can book 5/23-5/30 pushed back from original 5/2-5/9! Have a beautiful weekend!

    • Ginger, on March 24th, this was said:
      “On March 24, the United States Virgin Islands announced that leisure travel will not be permitted for 30 days effective March 25. Residents are permitted to travel, and non-residents are permitted only on business related travel”
      So maybe on April 25th, check the link Jen provided to get the latest.

  2. Jenn: Thanks. I hope progress continues. We plan on being there June 12. Virginia allegedly reopens June10. So, we are cutting it close.

  3. Purell hand sanitizer contains 70% ethyl alcohol (151 Proof) the same alcohol content as 151 Proof Cruzan Rum which we use because we can’t find Purell in any stores. Will both Purell and 151 Rum banned from VI beaches?

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