Is it the apocalypse???

Yesterday, our dear friend Leslie McKibben (owner of Kids Night In babysitting service) sent us pictures of work being done on Centerline Road. And today, Leslie sent us this (via St. John Beach Bums)…

ferryNo need to wipe your eyes. That really is one of the new ferries! In operation! With real people on it!!!

A big kudos to Public Work Commissioner Darryl Smalls for actually doing his job this week! 🙂

Mr. Smalls said they’d be running within 30 days 141 days ago. Factor in a bit of island time and it looks like its right on time!

Now I wonder when they second one will start operating…

Update: Well folks, it looks like the people who hopped off the ferry weren’t passengers. Let the countdown continue…

6 thoughts on “Is it the apocalypse???”

  1. You may want to check into this a little more. Those real people may have got off the ferry on the other side of the dock. When I checked the SpiceCam this morning, the new ferry was still sitting there 10-15 minutes past the hour. Normally that would get the operator a fine.

    May just be ol’ Iggy Smalls was just taking it out for a cruise.

  2. Blue – on – Blue . . . A dream come true?
    Might there be, could there be, say even TWO? Yes! they say, maybe Hooray, for snacks & drinks onboard, too!

  3. My picture was courtesy of St John beach Bum who is a new business that shares the business with the spice can balcony. They saw the people getting off the new boat. When I took the ferry today, we actually took an old one but are hopefully to get a ride back to St. John in it.

  4. Saw both tied up side by side at crown bay in STT today….both are to be hauled out tomorow (friday) for cleaning of the hull. suspect operational after that IF THE CONTRACT HAS BEEN SIGNED. Time will tell. It appears that the USCG was always to blame for the delay BUT since the USCG is done with them EIGHT (8) DAYS AGO, let’s see how long it takes for them to actualy go into service. This will be tell-tale indicator that shows the USCG was NOT the holdup from day 1.
    Last word from Mr. Smalls was “THE END OF JUNE”. No year given!

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