Anybody eaten at Sosa’s?

Just finished reading Anthony Bourdain’s "Nasty Bits" in which the self-realized ‘celebrity chef’ implores travelers to live a little and eat local, real local.  Go where there’s somebody’s name is on the sign and lots people are inside seeming to have a good time, he counsels. 

Which seems to be a recommendation for Sosa’s, a (literally) Hispanic-flavored restaurant in Cruz Bay. It’s tough to miss the place, because when you pass by, it sounds like there is a party going on. Salsa and meringue blare from a jukebox, and lots of people are laughing.  Click here for a video "taste."

Budget Travel reviewed the place and liked its salt fish in "a piquant tomato sauce … the shredded, chewy fish comes with salad, rice and beans, and sweet fried plantains, providing more than enough to feed a hungry surfer."  Anybody else tried it?

5 thoughts on “Anybody eaten at Sosa’s?”

  1. Yes, a few years ago and we really liked it. We wanted to hit it again this trip but ran out of time.
    We are into the “eat local” thing, which is why we liked Provo in the T & C so much. There was a great variety of regional restaurants. Goat curry night comes to mind. My dad still talks about it.

  2. There is something special about the atmosphere there, warm and friendly, a great place to have a beer and watch the people go by. Had a great meal there not long ago that was the chef’s choice.

  3. We eat there every time we come to St John. Wait, that’s Sogo’s. Sorry. Never tried Sosa’s.
    But Sogo’s has great food, nice people, free parking. The goat stew is really good, and they have plenty of other choices for the less adventurous. We’ll try Sosa’s next time.

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