Another Cruz Bay bar for sale

Lizard’s Landing has been listed for sale for $425,000, after operating with its new owners for only a brief time.  Years ago, the prime Cruz Bay location did business as the Back Yard, and then the Duffy’s Love Shack folks from St. Thomas bought the place.  They did lots of promotions to build business, but quickly sold it.  Under the new owner, "Landing" has gotten some dark comments at Virgin-Islands-On-Line.com, with several people saying it’s not a popular place.

In other real estate news, the number of homes for sale continues at record levels.  The Multiple Listing Service shows 127 properties available, starting at $365,000 and going up to $10.5 million.  Three new homes were added to the MLS in the past week. The median price of a listed property is $1.7 million and the average price is $2.2 million.  That average is up about 8% from a year ago, while the median price is steady

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  1. Just a couple of comments the spelling would be build business not buylid business. It would also be the new owner not thye new owner. Has anyone there really visted the place I just came back from the island and had a grand time at the “Landing” maybe, just maybe someone should take a look at the place before writing an article like that!!!

  2. I also visited Lizard’s recently and had a great time. There’s definitely more of a laid back vibe there in the afternoon, but the joint is jumpin’ later at night if that’s your scene. Speaking of joints, there are more of those for sale down the street (and all over St. John) than in this place.

  3. Actually Frank, Tim and Liz Duffy ran Duffy’s Love shack in Cruz Bay for 4 years. They sold because Tim’s health was failing. Tim died this past Sunday. Great reseach as usual.

  4. Roger:
    Thanks for reading News of St. John.
    The Duffy’s people did own it several years. Tried like hell to make it go. Lots of marketing effort, in my opinion, more suited to St. Thomas than St. John.
    Sold it … “Quickly” … a relative term, don’t you think? What’s the average term of ownership for businesses currently on the market? That’d be interesting to know.
    PS … Uh, spell it “research.”
    Feel free to comment anytime. Your sense of humor always tickles me.

  5. Frank: I think that perhaps what
    Roger meant to say was “great raasch”, which can be loosely translated as “great electric catfish”. I sampled the catfish at Duffy’s once and it was superb.

  6. Guess the verdict is in since lizards has shut down. dunno how it kept going that long after paying that much for it, jhmo.

  7. The first time I went to St. John was in 2001. Duffy’s was the perfect “every-bar”. The food was jammin’, and the upstair restaurant was wonderful,-the bartenders did everything they could to make you feel happy, and relaxed. I just keep wondering what’s going to happen this year.It was such a great way to meet St. John.
    P.S.- Sorry to see Chilly Billy’s go.

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