Two top restaurants for sale

This time it’s La Plancha del Mar at Mongoose Junction and Zero Sushi at the Marketplace.

Co-owners Jason Howard and Jonathan Fritz have plans for a new restaurant. “We are flexing our muscles in Asian cuisine and sushi!” they Tweeted. The asking price for La Plancha is $350,000.  The price for Zero is unknown to the Inquiring Iguana.

Their venture originally opened in 2009, down a corridor on the second floor at the Marketplace.  A year or so, they moved over to Mongoose, replacing Paradiso. "Since Mike Prout passed (one of the three founders), Jonathan and I have spread ourselves pretty thin," Howard said. "Selling is the best way for us to get back to what we always wanted to do. Make great food and drinks together."

La Plancha introduced a menu featuring meat and fish prepared in a traditional Spanish style using a cast iron flat top grill and high temperatures.  They expanded the  bar offerings, added appetizers and happy hours, instituted Movie Nights and became part of the fabric of St. John.

Satisfied customers passed along their compliments on both Trip Advisor and Yelp.com, making it one of the island’s Top 10 restaurants.

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