Another Cruz Bay Restaurant Set to Close

lucky chops

Well folks, we have sad news to share with you all today. As you may recall, last week we mentioned how Da Livio Ristorante was closing. This time, it’s Lucky Chops. Their last night is this Sunday, June 9.

Mathayom Vacharat, owner of Lucky Chops, made the announcement yesterday on his Facebook page. Here it is in its entirety:

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 7.47.52 AM
Lucky Chops’ Facebook page posting, June 5, 2019

Lucky Chops opened in the former Fish Trap location in early 2018. Prior to Hurricane Irma, Mathayom worked out of a space at Windy Level. He also held beautiful full moon dinner parties in that space until it was leveled during Irma.

We’re happy to hear that the full moon dinner parties will continue. We will keep you posted on those events.

9 thoughts on “Another Cruz Bay Restaurant Set to Close”

  1. It is very sad. I am a former resident of STJ until Irma. Love and miss the island. The real disappointment is how expensive a hotel or B$B room is for the night. I have tried many times to come to the island only to find rooms at $500 per. I love the island, want to come and spend money. Be reasonable and Ill be there … Steve

    • I have a condo at Sunset Ridge you can rent Sept 28 – Oct 5 for about $1500/week. But maybe you are only looking at peak season.

        • Jack M – not sure how to connect with you, but I only have the one week as mentioned above. I can see how it is a who you know type situation for good rates – I noticed mine rents for twice as much through the agency but as an owner I am allowed to rent directly at any rate.
          If this is allowed, my email is [email protected]
          If not, perhaps the editor will remove and pass along to you.

    • We would love to host you Steve. None of our rooms are that expensive. And we can offer you a local discount.

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