Animal Care Center needs help

DogThere are happy dogs, and there are happier dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever met an unhappy dog. 

But the pooches (and kitties) at the St. John Animal Care Center have to work at being happy.  

The volunteers at the Center are always scraping to help their charges get by.  The number of homeless dogs and cats is always rising, and, therefore, so is the Center's need for food, blankets, beds, and toys.

“The ACC has no funds,” one of the volunteers told the Inquiring Iguana.

So, it’s time for the ACC to pitch for more funds.  The next event is about three weeks away,  the “No Fleas Flea Market.”  IT’S an opportunity for folks on island to mount their own garage sales on the grounds of the Sprauve school ball yard.  Sellers can reserve a space in the ball yard for $25. It’s also an opportunity for visitors to find some bargains in local art and crafts.

Nofleas_1 Nofleas_2
As the Iguana likes to say, “Anything on St. John is more valuable here than there, because it’s here!”

The Flea Market opens at 10 a.m, Oct. 24.

If the No Fleas Please sale is too far away, since you're in the States … you can do the simple thing to help.  send Money.  Via Paypal at http://www.stjohnanimalcarecenter.com/help.html

  • By the way, the photo of the happy dog above, is from a recent ‘Incredible Dog Challenge’ competition sponsored by Purina.  See many happy dogs in the event, here.

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  1. It’s a little far from Wisconsin to make it to the flea market, but we would like to donate some money to the Animal Care Center if someone can give us an address.

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