And the “Coolest” Place to Retire in the Caribbean Is…

chair oppyIt’s Friday, which means many of you are reading this at working as you count the minutes to the weekend. Many of you, like me when I sat at that desk in corporate America, probably daydream about your retirement (when you should be working – oops!) and all the fun travels you’ll embark on once that precious day arrives. Well guess what? We’ve got some great news for all of you today…

Want to know the “coolest” place to retire in the Caribbean? You guessed it! It’s our little slice of heaven here in the Virgin Islands. Here’s what the Carib Journal had to say about it earlier this week:

Retiring can mean going somewhere to do less — to be less active. And there’s nothing wrong with that — especially in the Caribbean, one of the most relaxing places on earth. But some people want a different level of activity for their retirement — they’re seeking a different energy. That’s where these places come in — they’re young, hip and off-the-beaten path — and this kind of positioning offers a totally different experience — a raw, thrilling, sometimes “frontier” type of existence. These are the coolest places to retire in the Caribbean.

And the top spot went to…

St. John, US Virgin Islands 

A haven for artists, creative types, beach lovers and sailors, St. John is an eclectic place with beautiful beaches, a massive national park system and a very artsy, funky vibe. It’s also in the US, meaning Americans simply have to buy a plane ticket and find a house. It’s not cheap, but you’re paying to be a part of a very unique community.

Sold! Oh wait, I already live here. 🙂

Everyone needs some St. John in their lives. So if you have a trip booked, congrats! If you happen to be here on island, well you’re one of the lucky ones. And for those of you who don’t have a trip booked yet but can’t wait to visit us, turn the heat up and check out our images and videos pages. It’ll make you feel like you’re here for a fleeting moment.

Click here to watch our island videos.  Click here, here and here to see some of our island images. And click here to see the full list.

4 thoughts on “And the “Coolest” Place to Retire in the Caribbean Is…”

  1. Love the article about retiring in St. John. We’ve been visiting since 1986. Your links to photos could be better if you actually had daily photos. The last one for this year is way back in October…

  2. Oh, I saw a Caribbean Life show yesterday, and St. John’s would be the place for me to live it. I would banish all family for the bulk of the year, but let my friends come from the US or Germany whenever they wanted. I want a quiet calm place to write, far from the madding crowd (I live in DC) but I’d need to win a big Lotto to get there and purchase or build a small house. But at least now I have a place to think of when I so crave a retreat like that in my mind. Enjoy your time and good fortune, VI. This did not come to you without hard work and much saving.

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