An Update on the Airport & Seaports

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The Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) provided a quick update on the airport and seaports last Friday. According to the VI Consortium, VIPA reported that is sustained $85 million in hurricane-related damages. Here are additional details straight from the VI Consortium:

The Cyril E. King Airport terminal on St. Thomas was severely damaged by Hurricane Irma and again by Hurricane Maria, the latter which came less than two weeks later. The entire roof was damaged and windows were blown in, which led to extensive flooding and destruction of property. The authority reopened the (airport) terminal to limited commercial traffic on September 28 – nine days after the passing of Maria. Most airlines have resumed service to St. Thomas, but are only offering one flight per day until repairs to the terminal are completed, according to the authority.

VIPA reported that American Airlines recently added a second daily flight to St. Thomas. It said that the damaged terminal gates have been repaired and the preclearance area at the (airport) terminal is ready to accept travelers. However, normal operations will not resume until the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has completed an assessment of its equipment and staffing, which were both affected by the hurricanes. VIPA’s said its goal is to fully reopen the (airport) terminal by mid-December.

On St. John, the Theovald Moorehead Facility at Enighed Pond is closed until damaged boats have been removed from the pond. Barges have been temporarily relocated to the Victor Sewer Facility at “The Creek” in Cruz Bay. There are no US Customs clearance services provided on St. John as both the US Customs Building and VIPA’s administrative offices on St. John were destroyed. These buildings will be replaced with modular units. A clean-up of the Loredon Boynes, Sr. Dock in Cruz Bay (the passenger ferry dock) is scheduled for Monday.

We will keep you posted on the status of the airports and ports as soon as we know more. In the meantime, have a great Sunday everyone!

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