An Update on Our Favorite BVI Spots

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Yesterday was an amazing day because I was able to get out on the water for the first time since Irma hit. A HUGE thanks to my friends at Flyaway Charters for dragging me out! We cruised around St. John a bit, checked out Hurricane Hole and then went over to Francis Bay. (Sadly my friends who own Flyaway lost their boat, which was their home, during Hurricane Irma. So if you’re looking to get out on the water and support a couple who needs some love, please give them a call.)

As we were driving down the Sir Francis Drake channel, I looked over toward Tortola, Jost van Dyke and the other islands and thought that you’d all probably be interested in a BVI update. So today we’d like to update you all on some of our favorite spots that we’ve written about over the years.

Jost van Dyke

This beautiful stretch of white sand beach took a major hit during Hurricane Irma. All of the restaurants and bars along White Bay were mostly destroyed except Hendo’s Hideout. According to their Facebook page, Hendo’s will reopen “when the time is right.” Let’s hope that’s sooner than later because everyone is craving a bit of normalcy these days.

The Soggy Dollar Bar was hit pretty hard by the hurricanes. The hotel was destroyed as was a fair amount of the bar/restaurant. The bar, however, survived! The owners of Soggy are rebuilding, and we cannot wait to go back and enjoy one of their famous Painkillers! Here is what they wrote in an email sent to guests:

Let us start by saying Thank You for all the love and support sent our way over the last few weeks – we are so grateful to report that the entire Soggy Dollar family is alive and safe after the devastating Hurricane Irma that hit us on September 6th, followed by Hurricane Maria two weeks later. Jost Van Dyke, along with all of the neighboring British and U.S Virgin Islands, was extremely damaged. Residents are being forced to evacuate for unknown periods of time as their homes, businesses, and places of work are no longer standing. White Bay was hit hard by the eye of the storm with winds up to 215 mph and a huge storm surge leaving Soggy Dollar in ruins. Our hotel, boutique, and beautiful palm trees are no longer, but we are happy to say our infamous bar, which has seen many painkillers in its day, is still standing!

Our General Managers Jamie Gladman & Stacy Bachali worked tirelessly to prepare SDB and our island for the storms, and they continue to face the Irma & Maria aftermath head on with strength and courage to make sure our employees and surrounding neighbors on Jost Van Dyke are safe with food, water, & love.

Jost Van Dyke has a long road ahead with the rebuilding of power, water, and communication, but we know the love and strength that this island has will help us recover quickly. Once we have a chance to take a deep breath (and maybe a few painkillers) we will work towards the re-birth of the Soggy Dollar Bar. 47 years young, SDB has so much more to give!

Foxy’s was able to reopen in a limited capacity last week! Yay!

Seddy’s One Love is currently rebuilding. Reopening date TBD.

B-Line was completely destroyed unfortunately. This is what they wrote on their Facebook page:

Here’s an update as promised of B-Line post hurricane Irma. It left nothing behind but we intend to pick up the pieces and continue serving our customers. We thank each and everyone who reached out to us via messenger, email and other means. We love you all dearly. #strongertogether #bvistrong #jvdstrong #blinestrong

Norman Island 

The Willy T sadly ended up on the shore of Normal Island. They too plan on rebuilding. They wrote the following on their Facebook page:

We will be rebuilding the Willy T and will be back, better than ever! No hurricane can keep the William Thornton down for long!

We look forward to welcoming back soon to the Bight at Norman Island all of our friends! The William Thornton lives on! Stay connected on this William Thornton website, Facebook and Instagram for updates on the progress of the rebuild. THE LEGEND LIVES ON!!

Cooper Island

The Cooper Island Beach Club is currently rebuilding and expects to accept guests beginning on April 1, 2018. Here is what they wrote on their Facebook page:

Thank you to all the friends of Cooper Island who have sent messages of support as we work towards rebuilding our little bit of paradise. Progress over the last month has been slower than we had hoped and following a full assessment of the damage, we must unfortunately remain closed until Easter.

Cooper Island Beach Club will open to hotel guests on Sunday 1st April 2018. If our restaurant & retail services can open prior to that date, we shall announce it via our website and Facebook page.

Our office on-island was destroyed, so our US agent in Florida will be contacting all guests due to stay with us prior to 31st March 2018. You may also call 1 800 542 4624 or +1 727 323 8727 for assistance.

Peter Island 

Peter Island Resort is also closed temporarily. Here is what they wrote on their Facebook page;

Everyone on the Peter Island team is deeply touched and grateful for our friends’ compassion and generosity during this difficult time following hurricanes Irma and Maria. Thankfully, all of our 217 Peter Island team members who weathered the storms are safe and sound. We are now going through the process of assessing the damages to the resort from the storms, and will be providing updates about the resort’s recovery and re-opening when there are more details to share.

We will update you on some other BVI spots soon. Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the update on the BVI’s and all the favorite spots. Everyone is working so hard to make paradise whole again, God Bless you all.

  2. Thank you for all the updates of the BVI. Is there any news of Cane Garden Bay? The few pictures I saw early on show Myetts got hit hard as did the other beach restaurants. Just wondering if there are any updates. Thanks for all your wonderful videos of St. John. After visiting for 18 years I thought I knew every turn in the road, every sign, every house. But it is so different with the vegetation gone. Different, but growing back quickly! With or without all the trees and shrubs, we will be back when you are ready for us!

    • Yes. Cane Garden Bay did not fair well. If you search “Cane Garden Bay Irma” on YouTube, there is a video which details the damage. It’s really sad to watch–do so at our own risk. Our hearts go out to all those in the BVI.

  3. Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the news about JVD. My son and I spent days there two summers ago. We were also on Anegada. Any news about that? Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

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