An Update on Oppenheimer

Tire Swing

Back in January, we told you about Oppenheimer and how it was undergoing a little renovation of sorts. Well we brought some News of St. John Tours guests down there the other day, and I have to say, the place is really starting to look great!

For starters, there is still one no parking sign in front of the Oppenheimer gate, but no one has really been adhering to that lately. And to be honest, I’m not sure how active the construction is down there, simply based on what I’ve seen driving by nearly everyday. But what I can say is that the building looks great. A new accessible ramp has been installed in addition to a new building that will house several showers. Check out a few pics I took:

building showers

close up building


So as you can see, it’s not completely finished, but it’s looking pretty good. There is also a lot of fencing still onsite so you have to walk around a bit to snap that famed tire swing photo. 🙂


So again, it’s a work in progress folks. We’ll keep you all posted on what’s happening over there. In the meantime, have a fantastic week everyone!

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