An Update on Moose .. And It’s a Good One!

Moose on a recent spa day
Moose on a recent spa day

Last month we told you about Moose, an adorable dog who has been living at the Animal Care Center here on St. John for the past four-and-a-half years. Because that is far too long for a dog to live in a kennel, the ACC started a campaign to find Moose a home. And what’s happened over the past month is simply amazing!

For starters, Moose’s story has reached hundreds of thousand of people via social media. That in itself is pretty cool. But the best part of this story is that it looks like Moose may have finally found a home, and it happens to be pretty darn close.

Enter Mandi. She lives over on St. Thomas and from what we have heard, she has a heart of gold. Moose made his way over to her home today for a short “foster” period, but from the looks of it, it may be forever. Gosh that makes me smile. 🙂

Here’s a few photos from Moose’s journey Wednesday…

Here is Moose all packed and ready to hop on the car barge Wednesday:

moose all packed

And here is Moose with his new foster mommy in St. Thomas:

moose mommy

A few hours after he arrived in his new, temporary home, my dog Charlie sent him a few words of encouragement:

charlies message to moose

And here is Moose’s response 🙂

mooses response

It appears that Moose had a long but very happy day, because as of 8 p.m., he was sound asleep in his new home … and snoring! PS: This is the first real bed Moose has ever slept on!!

moose in his bed

Moose will spend a few days in his foster home before a final decision is made on his placement. In the meantime, let’s all keep our fingers cross for Moose and Mandi!

5 thoughts on “An Update on Moose .. And It’s a Good One!”

  1. What a heart warming story…you go Moose! Hope he’s found his forever home. And Thanks Mandi, you’re wonderful! As is Leslie and Jenn and anyone else who has adopted from the ACC or any shelter.

  2. You go Moose! And Mandi you rock! I have known that boy for a long time and he has a heart of gold. I have my own little ACC pup- Coconut. She has some “issues” but we love her and know she is so happy to have a real home. It’s good stuff!

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