An Update on Maho

maho bay

Back in April, we told you about some changes that were happening at Maho. At the time, new garbage receptacles had been installed and a barrier was being installed along the beachside roadway. Well today we have some more changes to tell you about.

A few weeks ago we noticed that large rocks had been placed in front of several “parking” spots in the wooded area across from the beach. It didn’t take long for people to move the rocks over and park there. Well now “No Parking” signs have been installed in roughly a dozen of these spots. But there’s no need to worry, there is still plenty of parking in the large parking lot near the far end of the beach and also a handful of spots near the pavilion area.

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The barrier along the roadway is now complete and it looks like. From what we hear, this is part of the National Park Service’s efforts to control beach erosion at Maho. Native plants have been planted in the area between the beach and the roadway as part of a beach vegetation project. When people visiting the beach walk on the vegetation or the roots, it damages the plant or tree. These plants and trees are necessary as they help maintain the beach and prevent it from washing away. They also protect the roadway. So if you love Maho as much as I do and want it to stay, please do not walk in these areas.


5 thoughts on “An Update on Maho”

  1. We all need to be careful where we walk and where we put our stuff at beaches. I see many people trampling the vegetation at Salt Pond and to a lesser degree at Little Lameshur.

    I do not like the no parking signs but if people continue to park in these wooded areas there is little choice.

  2. Should just go pick out some large bushes/small trees at Alfredo’s and plant some em in those little off road parking spots. No signs & blends in……

  3. Great idea now if they will only fill in some of the craters in the lot. Pretty soon even a jeep wont be able to park with out some kind damage happening.

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