An Update on Coral Bay

coral bay view jan 25 2018

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! We have the privilege of visiting Coral Bay several times a week while conducting our News of St. John Tours, so we have been able to see firsthand all of the progress that is happening on that side of the island. Coral Bay definitely still needs time to heal, but thanks to its amazing residents and all of the relief workers, progress is happening every day.

I was perusing Facebook this morning when I came across a post by Sharon Coldren, the executive director of the Coral Bay Community Council. It provided a lot of information about what is currently open in Coral Bay and what is expected to open soon. I thought I would share it with all of you.

The following information was provided by the Coral Bay Community Council:


  • Indigo Grill – Food and drink, satellite TV for sports – open Wed.-Sat. 3-8, Sun. 1-8, closed Mon. & Tues.
  • Oasis – Food and drink, free satellite WiFi – open Mon.-Fri. 11-5, closed Sat. & Sun.
  • Pickles – Food and drink,  Breakfast/lunch, WiFi Mon.-Sat. 6-4, open for brunch Sun. 9 to 1
  • Pizza Bar in Paradise – Pizza, food & drink- located at Shipwreck’s – open Tues.-Sat. 3-9, Sun. 4-9, closed Mon.
  • Skinny Legs – Food and drink, satellite TV for sports – open 12-6 Mon.-Sat., 12-8:30 Sun.
  • Wok on the Beach – food and drink – open Mon.-Sat. 11-9, Sun. brunch 10-2  (no longer doing breakfast, now that Pickles is open for breakfast)

Will Reopen Soon (dates to be announced):

    • Aqua Bistro – Food and drink – expected to open sometime in Feb.
    • Colombo’s Smoothie Stand – got power Jan. 12. Expected to open late Jan.
    • Dancing Rooster – T-shirts and more (next to Pickles) – expected to open late Jan./early Feb.
    • Kareso Studio at Estate Eden (Karen Samuel) – Clothing, quilts, handmade items
    • Ekaete “Pink Corner” – Food and drink – expected to open mid-Feb.



Groceries & Retail

  • Calabash Market – Full service grocery – open 7 days 7 am-7 pm until further notice. Then 7 am-10 pm.
  • Dolphin Market – Full service grocery – open 7 days 7:30 am-7 pm
  • Love City Market – Full service grocery – open 7 days 6:30 am-8 pm
  • Jolly Dog/Virgin Territory – clothes, gifts, souvenirs – located next to Wok on the Beach – open Mon.-Sat. 10-7, Sun. 10-2
  • Karen Samuel/Kareso Kitchen – Baked goods, pates, local drinks, jams and jellies – Saturdays at the fire station, 10 am until gone
  • Mumbo Jumbo – clothes, gifts, souvenirs – located next to Skinny’s – open 7 days 12-6
  • Pottery in Paradise – Locally made ceramics and art – located next to Pickles – open 10-4 most days

Activities & Services

  • Busy Bee Boat Charters – busybeevi.com, (340) 201-4858
  • Carolina Corral – Horse trail rides, learning how to care for horses, donkey wagon rides – located at Fortsberg – horsesstjohn.com
  • Connections East – Mail service – open Mon.-Thurs. 9:30-5:30, Fri. 11-5:30, Sat. 11-2:30
  • Flyaway Boat Charters:   340-514-7403   Flyaway Charters on Facebook
  • Island Baby – Rental equipment for babies and young children – call Julie 340-998-8327
  • Island Roots Boat Charters – 340-643-5000

Other Useful Information

  • VITRAN Bus service is back on a limited basis. Leaves Salt Pond at 7 am and 9am. Leaves Cruz Bay at 6 am and 8 am.  In the afternoon, leaves Cruz Bay at 3:25pm and 5:25 pm, and leaves Salt Pond at 4 and 6 pm.  No more Bloomberg Shuttle.

Information from Jenn: 

  • There are no ATMs in Coral Bay. There are several, however, in Cruz Bay.
  • There is not a gas station in Coral Bay. There are two in Cruz Bay.
  • Centerline Road remains compromised in some sections between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay. It is passable and safe, although North Shore is a much better ride these days.
  • The ball field across from the Moravian Church has been converted into a temporary dump site. We’ve been told it will be returned to a ball field once the recovery and restoration efforts are completed.
  • The majority of the boats have been removed from the shore in Coral Bay. Resolve Marine Group was in Coral Bay yesterday removing vessels.
  • There are still a fair amount of damaged boats in Hurricane Hole. As of now, these boats will not be removed Resolve Marine Group.

27 thoughts on “An Update on Coral Bay”

    • It’s been cleared for months. The ruins look great too. Linemen are currently out there, so it’s been closed briefly for utility work.

  1. Glad to see this. Headed to Coral Bay 2/11 and glad to know what’s around. Kind of bracing for the viusal …..

    Does anyone know if Sprint is still awful?

  2. I see on stjohntradewinds that Caneel is waiting for an extension on their lease to get financing for repairs but….didn’t they have insurance? Thanks

  3. Any other options getting to Skinny’s from Cruz Bay? Doesn’t sound like the bus is an option with the current schedule, especially if it doesn’t leave Cruz Bay until 3:25pm and Skinny’s closes at 6. We like to go there for a late lunch and hang for a while. Not going to rent a jeep and drink and drive! Any taxi’s for hire that you know of? We tried last year, but were told no taxi’s will go over there. I see they’re open later on Sunday’s, but gotta get there and gotta get back! Just trying to figure it out!

  4. Thanks for all your updates, Jenn. We’re coming for a volunteercation 2/21 to 2/28 and are looking for volunteer opportunities. It’s been hard to get responses. Is there any group in particular that you would suggest I contact? Hoping someone might also see this and reach out. Want to give back to this gem of an island and all its wonderful people.

  5. Coral Bay is my most favorite place in all the world. It has everything I like- fine dining, peace and quiet, friendly locals, sweet donkeys, friendly merchants, lovely local herbs, soothing breezes, avenues good for long walks, buzzing bees, chirping birds, galloping horses and most of all beautiful churches.

  6. I was wondering if anyone had an update on Concordia? From the pictures I saw a while back, it looked like most of the tents were destroyed. Is the new owner planning on rebuilding and is there activity on this front? Thank you.

    • I am working with some people to check out the status but as of last week essentially nothing has been done. The web site is gone.

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