American cuts fares to St T

Buy your ticket by midnight next Tuesday (March 2), and American Airlines will fly you for a cheaper fare than usual. Sample ticket prices, good for travel Monday through Thursday: Boston-St.T., $339 and San Francisco to St Thomas, $437.  The round trip fares are available on the airline’s Web site, AA.com.

3 thoughts on “American cuts fares to St T”

  1. As a former St. John resident and business owner who’s heart remains in Love City I really look forward to reading your newsletter. I check it daily for possible updates. Thanks, you do a great job Frank. And thanks to you for saving me and my family money with the news of the airline fair changes. We’re looking forward to our trip in May and can’t wait to see all of our friends in St. John.

  2. I look forward to this news letter, my best friend forwards this to me all the time.
    My husband and I were married there in 2000. We’ve been back several times now and bring soemone new with us each time.
    It’s such a beautiful place.
    Thanks for the newsletter.

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