THIS JUST IN … American to charge for ALL baggage

Joe Brancatelli, the savviest business traveler I know, runs a great blog and has just reported …

     "American Airlines has announced that it will begin charging $15 to check ANY bag on a domestic flight. That’s for checking the FIRST bag, folks, not a second bag. American already charges $25 for a second bag.    
    "This is a NEW fee to charge ANY bag on a domestic flight.The fee is effective for domestic tickets purchased on or after June 15 and will hit most travelers. The exemptions: full fare coach, business and first-class customers and AAdvantage Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum members. Flights to Canada and U.S. territories are also covered by the new fee. International flights will not have the $15 first-bag fee

    "Frankly, I expect the other Big Six carriers to match American’s move with lightning speed."

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