American Airlines tops for VI’s

This week’s poll about the best airline to fly to the islands produced a lopsided victory. Among six airlines serving the Territory, American was the choice of 41%.  US Airways, Delta and Continental were distant competitors with less than 20% of the 300 votes. Spirit and (surprisingly – it’s a major!) United were deep at the back of the pack.

Reading the comments, choices didn’t seem about good service.  None said they’d had some.  Several told awful stories about being grounded 5-6 hours on a US Airways flight in Philadelphia or stranded overnight at the San Juan airport.

The bottom line advice: get a direct flight – tough to do if you don’t live on the east coast.  "Because we live in northwest Arkansas, getting to St. John in less than three hops has been our biggest challenge," said Julsdd.  "Travel from Seattle is a journey," added Angie.  "We left on a Saturday night red-eye to Philly … with a nonstop to STT … and just barely made the 4 p.m. ferry on Sunday."

2 thoughts on “American Airlines tops for VI’s”

  1. Just booked a US Air flight thru Charlotte, NC. About $600 less than American was charging. Will see how connections go!! Wish us luck!

  2. Anne,
    I wish you luck with US Air. They stink. We missed a conection from Savannah to Charlotte by very few minutes, were first told the other flight was notified, then we were told they wouldn’t hold the plane. Plus, when we asked for consideration to deplane first to catch our flight, the flight attendant said we would have to wait like the “rest of us.” Every other airline I have flown has allowed this to help the passengers make their connections. The next flight was not for six hours. When we boarded the flight home, we were told we were going to wait for passengers coming from delayed flights!! I would have paid the extra $600 to be home with my family that evening!

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