Amazing St. John photos

Jason St. Peter lives in Texas but part of his heart appears to be in St. John. 

Stpeter A passionate photographer, he’s in the vanguard of the art using the HDR technique, aka high dynamic range. 

An HDR picture appears three-dimensional, the image is so clear and the colors so vivid.  In fact, it’s not just one picture. It's several taken with the lens opening progressively larger or smaller, so highlights and dark elements are photographed at different exposures.

This is a St. Peter photo at Cinnamon Bay.  It’s called All Alone at Sunset

He has several other HDRs of St. John here. A portrait, of Pirate Bill of Coral Bay, is priceless!  St. Peter's blog features many other HDRs of many other places. Amazing stuff.

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  1. Also if any readers of News of St. John are interested in prints let me know. I have a multitude of printing options available. I know these would look great in those wonderful beach houses and rentals in St. John!

  2. Just came back from his blog and website. WOW! I see some major Christmas shopping opportunities here!
    Absolutely stunning.

  3. Since many of the photographs have movement, e.g., the ocean, a single image was taken and then the different exposures were created with imaging software. Then the multiple exposures were combined using HDR software. Nevertheless, an extremely pleasing visual effect.

  4. WOWZA!!!!!!! I am headed down from Cape Cod on Thursday..this just adds more to my excitment.Oh and did I say,,my daughter is getting married there on Sunday! Wonderful photography!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow. As a photographer (as a hobby) and a St. John lover (and fellow Texan!), I can say these are really amazing. Beautiful work. Inspires me. Thanks.

  6. Wonderful shots. You picked the perfect place to take these types of photos. You want to as much life like as you can when your not there and these do it with the depth of field. It seems as if you can look on for ever.

  7. Richard Kurpiers – Actually even the shots with movement in most cases are HDRs from multiple exposures. I use a technique called layer masking in which I can reduce ghosting and freeze movement by layering the tonemapped image with the original raw files.
    Bill the Pirate Bill photo is here: http://bit.ly/2grzqD
    Other Portraits from the Islands here. probably recognize some famous BVI folks http://bit.ly/112kEt

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