Why St. John’s Glen Speer is a real nice guy

Let's not kid ourselves.  The economy sucks.  Here and there. 

In recognition of the tough times, and a slower winter season than usual, one island landlord has reportedly acted like a White Knight.  Several business people tell the Inquiring Iguana that Mongoose Junction’s owner, Glen Speer, has offered more than sympathy to merchants looking at the daily receipts. 

Speer has cut their rents 15% and gave tenants free occupancy in September.  In real estate, in retail … this is unheard of.

Speer has been on St. John for decades.  He’s been a successful business man, a real estate developer, and architect.  And now he’s shown himself to be truly understanding.  Lots of other business owners are wishing their landlords would take their cue from Speer.

19 thoughts on “Why St. John’s Glen Speer is a real nice guy”

  1. Good for him! It’s a smart move all around. Better to have a little less rent and no empty storefronts, and certainly a welcome relief for his tennants.

  2. Wonderful story — and very inspiring. I hope the deed and the story have a ripple effect far and wide. (My one minor objection to the story, dear editor, is your sentence, “The economy sucks.” For quite a few years, I’ve been trying to teach our younger generation to use a better, more creative word than “sucks” when describing such a situation — and I regret to see that it’s found its way into the print of we “older folks”! So, I now challenge you and your dear readers to come up with a more dynamic alternative!)

  3. Well, the economy does suck. I think it’s the perfect word.
    Anyway, good for Glen. I am worried about all businesses on STJ these days, especially the restaurants.

  4. Seems like a very bright guy. If it’s for the last September good for him. If it’s for the coming September, I certainly hope that even with the reduction in rent the businesses will be able to hang on.
    And as a 64 y.o. who sits and watches what is going on, let me be so uncreative as to say that the economy truly does SUCK.

  5. Yes, I continue to celebrate the great story offered here about the actions of Glen Speer. He truly is, as someone has already noted, a “class act.”
    And I continue to urge us all to consider that using the word “suck” in this context is not a class act. Here’s why, getting to the root of the word:
    O.E. sucan, from PIE root *sug-/*suk- of imitative origin (cf. O.S., O.H.G. sugan, O.N. suga, M.Du. sughen, Du. zuigen, Ger. saugen “to suck;” L. sugere “to suck,” succus “juice, sap;” O.Ir. sugim, Welsh sugno “to suck”). Meaning “do fellatio” is first recorded 1928. Slang sense of “be contemptible” first attested 1971 (the underlying notion is of fellatio). Suck eggs is from 1906. Suck hind tit “be inferior” is Amer.Eng. slang first recorded 1940.
    “suck.” Online Etymology Dictionary. Douglas Harper, Historian. 16 Feb. 2009.

  6. Now who would have thought that ‘sucks egg’ or ‘suck hind tit’ goes back all that way.
    Doesn’t the word suck have any nice connotation. I mean, like back in the day and I mean when I was in elementary school, I would ask my ‘girlfriend’ Elaine if she would like to have a suck on my lollipop and meant something referring to a well, we called it a sucker.

  7. Bravo to Glen! In these tough economic times, it is refreshing to hear that there really are “Good folks” who really care and back it up with action! We need more Glen Speer’s in our world.

  8. Thanks for the wonderfully colorful reminder, Allan, of that kinder, gentler era of good ol’ lollipops and suckers. That helped bring us back to the essence of this story, which might be summarized as: GLEN SPEER SOARS . . . amidst our economic woes . . . LET’S SOAR WITH HIM!

  9. If some of our corporate executives could take their heads out of their asses and do the same, this country might be in a little better shape!! Good for him!!

  10. Nothing more depressing than empty storefronts. revolutionary landlord indeed. The economy DOES suck and by the way, whats wrong with fellatio?

  11. I’m bummed I missed the conversation! But, way to go Glen! I sure hope we get back there this year and will promise to shop and eat out 😉

  12. Thanks to Glen we were able to keep our staff this year and welcome people to a vibrant Mongoose Junction.
    We appreciate all of you who visit as well as our intrepid locals, even when times are tough!

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