Almost finished building in Coral Bay

Two elementary school teachers from Alaska found themselves on the pristine island of St. John circa mid 1990's, and that’s how it started. 

Now they are hours away from being back on St. John with hopes of completing their cottage in Coral Bay

It’s been more than a year, and their construction blog tells the tale.  From “The Scorpion,” the contractor, to the most recent horrible experience buying tile from a supplier in Florida, the couple’s journal is a fascinating portrait of how difficult it is to build on the island and how much you have to be personally involved.

“Our trip (this week) is short but the agenda of work is so long,” they write at AnchorageAweigh.com.  “We made up a list of all the things we need to accomplish.  It's intimidating, but we know we can accomplish it.”

Their blog is well worth reading and savoring.

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