All-day rain couldn’t stop the music

Beach_bar_sundayWet, Wet, Wet.  All day Sunday, heavy rain kept folks indoors. 

Some younger executive-looking folks, maybe former "investment bankers", swarmed what may be an eight-bedroom villa across Great Cruz Bay from us on Saturday,  Then Sunday morning, they were joined by another van full of people.  And it was fun to hear their music (Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, Beyonce) start and stop as the rain swept them from their outdoor patio back inside the house, and then out, and then in.

But came 5 p.m.,  Mrs. Inquiring Iguana and I headed for the Beach Bar to enjoy The Jazz Islanders. They were missing their leader.  The Blues Boss, Steve Simon, has been off island doing some production tasks in advance of his 7th Annual Blues Festival, next month.

The Bar was jammed, and the music was great.  And, even though it rained throughout the early evening, some folks just wouldn’t let it spoil their party.  So they camped out on the beach, right next to the bar.

By the way, the rain continued Monday and Tuesday, and last night we had 25-35 mph winds all night.  Wow!

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  1. We just got back Saturday night from a week of STJ. We were able to catch Steve and his gang last Sunday and they were great!! It was even more fun watching Sis stake out chairs and start to set everything up at 3:30. She sure is a great lady!!!!! Cheers

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