All Chesney almost all the time

Kenny Chesney
fans will be getting their own radio station later this month.  XM Radio plans to debut ”No Shoes Radio” on its satellite channel 18 on July 26. 

The programming will include “never before heard recordings, an uncut, exclusive concert broadcast from the current Poets and Pirates Tour, plus random drop-ins from fans, friends, and plenty of music to bring to life the attitude that permeates Kenny Chesney’s world.”  In a news release, the singer said, “This is a way to keep the vibe alive, long after our tour is gone."

I’ve not been able to get my XM receiver to work on St. John but if you are a subscriber to the service, you can listen online.  "No Shoes Radio" will be offered through XM Radio’s Internet site, http://xmro.xmradio.com/

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