Airlines Offering More Flights to Territory

Airlines Offering More Flights to Territory 1

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! As you may know, the Governor said earlier this week that he anticipates the US Virgin Islands will reopen for tourism on June 1. The keyword in that statement is anticipates. If the number of COVID-19 cases remains low – as of May 2, there are 66 cases in the US Virgin Islands (St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix) – the US Virgin Islands will reopen June 1. If we see a spike in cases between now and then, the Governor will consider extending that date. (He made that statement during a Facebook live chat Thursday evening.) As of today, there have been two confirmed cases on St. John, and both were travel-related. There is currently one pending test.

Some people who live on St. John are happy about the June 1 date; some people are not. Some are excited to see tourism resume, thus boosting our economy, and others are concerned that the return of tourism will bring additional cases to the Territory which already has a fragile health care system.

That being said, the airlines are preparing to add additional flights to the Territory in light of this announcement. (The number of flights coming into the Territory was reduced significantly in late March/early April.)

The following is updated flight information per the the VI Consortium (which is a great online news publication):

  • American is offering one flight a day through Miami. During the month of May, there will be no flights on Tuesdays. There will not be any flights on May 6th either (on American).
  • Delta resumes service between Atlanta and St. Thomas today, May 2. Its calendar is a bit trickier. According to Delta’s Price Calendar, it will offer daily flights June 2 through June 7. From June 12 though June 25, it will offer flights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. It will resume daily flights from Atlanta on June 26.
  • Spirit resumed service between Ft. Lauderdale and St. Thomas yesterday, May 1.
  • United will offer service between Houston and St. Thomas beginning on May 8.
  • JetBlue is providing service between San Juan and St. Thomas.
  • Cape Air is providing service between San Juan and St. Thomas.
  • Silver Airways (formerly Seaborne) is offering service between San Juan and St. Thomas.

As I mentioned above, the June 1 date is subject to change. We will keep you all posted. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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9 thoughts on “Airlines Offering More Flights to Territory”

  1. We hope you all stay safe. We’re so happy that St. John has stayed with only two cases. Please be careful and well.

  2. Jenn – could you recommend some island charities that are taking donations to help local businesses during the shut down?

    Canceled my trip for late May / first week of June – can redo all my reservations, push out a week or two, but getting on an airplane with daily case rates rising, the governor could extend the travel ban… Just too many what ifs too close to my vacation days.

    Would like to donate what I’d normally spend on the island to help the local business owners.


  3. Way to early, as soon as we let tourists in all hell will break loose and our islands aren’t ready for that

    • Lee, this isn’t going away anytime soon. If anything, #’s will increase bc more testing keeps on occurring. If you wait til covid is gone(which it won’t…. same as the flu is never gone), then the islands will be nonexistent.

      • We are strong Caribbean people all will be fine we need to have our economy reopened we need that tourist dollars with trust in God and prays he knows best whatever he permits it will be, we all have to do our part and protect ourselves, families and love ones keep our mask on disinfect wash our hands sanitize and distance. Remember God is good be bless to all

  4. We are coming to island in October and reimbursed through American on a delegate cancelled trips. Noticed all flights for us to get there this time appear as overnight and about $1,000 more than typical. You think this is just due to reduced flights and maybe by June 1st it’ll offer more?

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