Airline Increases Flight Schedule to the USVI

Airline Increases Flight Schedule to the USVI

Have you been scrolling through your vacation photos in desperate need of a St. John fix and unable to find a flight?  Before you fill your living room with sand and install a fake palm tree in the center of the room, we might have some news that will brighten your day!

Commissioner of Tourism Joseph Boschulte announced that the US Virgin Islands is expecting a major increase in American Airlines flights beginning in November!

In addition to the current services between Miami and St. Thomas three times daily, American will also serve St. Thomas with two daily flights from Charlotte, daily flights from Philadelphia, and Saturday service from both Chicago and Dallas-Fort Worth during the first half of the month, followed by daily flights from both cities in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Given the Territory’s enhanced COVID-19 screening protocols that have evolved and expanded since the virus first impacted our islands, Commissioner Boschulte says, “We are readily preparing for this robust increase in flights from our longstanding air partner.”

The Commissioner reminds all travelers to comply with our laws, protocols, and guidelines to keep our residents and visitors safe.  As a reminder, face masks are required in all public areas, including the taxi and ferry while en route to St. John.  Masks are not required at the beach; however, you’ll want to pack one in your beach bag, as they are required while ordering food or drinks at the food stands on or near the beach, and while renting water toys.

Airline Increases Flight Schedule to the USVI 1
We understand that some counties and cities in the Continental US do not have a mask requirement, and as such, we are especially grateful to those guests for complying with our mask requirement while in the USVI.

For the most current information on testing requirements and to upload your test results prior to travel, click here.  Be sure to print a copy of your confirmation, and bring it with you to hand to the USVI Health Department representative when you arrive at the St. Thomas Airport.  We’re told this little tip helps make the process go even faster, which means more time to spend at the beach!

Happy Traveling!

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    • If you arrive at the airport without your Covid test results, you will be asked to go directly to your villa (or home, if you are a resident) and self-quarantine until you receive your results, or up to 14 days if your results are not received within that time frame. If your scheduled departure is fewer than 14 days from your day of arrival, you will be allowed to leave on your regularly scheduled departure day.

  1. I will never fly AA again. Had first class on the way down and got booted to economy at the gate. They left my wife sitting In first next to someone she didn’t know. What’s wrong with this picture.

  2. My dr offers the nasal swab rapid test. Does that qualify to meet the USVI requirements? Or does it have to be the pcr nasal swab? Rapid test results can be received same day; pcr results take 2-5 days. I’m worried I won’t have the results in time for travel!

    • Yes Donna, that test qualifies. When I had my Covid test here on island, that’s the same one our health department used. You’re all set!

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