NYTimes: ‘Affordable’, ‘St. John’ in same thought

The Sunday New York Times
has responded to the current budget-consciousness by highlighting what it calls 11 “Affordable Caribbean” vacation spots.  And the U.S. Virgin Islands are included.

The Times' picks for savings on your favorite island:

  •     Waterfront Bistro for mahi mahi tacos.
  •     Woody's for a bottle of Virgin Islands Summer Ale.
  •     The Beach Bar for cheap tropical cocktails and live music.
  •     Sun Dog Cafe at Mongoose for an impressive menu and VW-sized kitchen.
  •     Freebird in Wharfside for jewelry.
  •     Maho Bay for its tent-cottages.

Read the full Times VI item here: http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/travel/25us-virginislands.html

3 thoughts on “NYTimes: ‘Affordable’, ‘St. John’ in same thought”

  1. Wow. Who’da thunk it? I love the way the Times is thinking, though, and I hope it provides a rush of travel and tourism dollars for my favorite island in the world.
    Sally Galloway
    (Part-time local, as called by my friends)

  2. I’m glad to see the island getting a media boost in these tough times, but I still cringe as more people find out what a great place St.John is to visit. At least they just stuck to the more commonly visited places. I hate when they give up the sweet spots and they then become crowded…Keep up the good work Frank!

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