More Accolades For Our Beautiful Slice of Paradise…

Image credit: Conde Nast
Image credit: Conde Nast

It’s pretty safe to say the secret’s out … people near and far officially know that St. John is one of the top spots in the world.

First we had one of sports biggest stars – Mr. Derek Jeter himself (the recently retired Yankees shortstop for you non-sports fans) – pop by for a visit earlier this week. And now we have one of the top travel magazines designating St. John as being on of the top islands in the world – yes in the entire world.

Now think about that for a moment… There are thousands of island worldwide, yet St. John made the list for the best of the best. But it gets better than that – it was ranked as the eighth best island in the world. That’s pretty impressive. Here’s what Conde Nast Traveler had to say about it:

This small isle in the Caribbean Sea hasn’t been overrun by development, thanks to the fact that two-thirds of the landmass is national parkland. It makes an ideal getaway for hikers seeking out jungle trails and snorkelers who’ll nose down over the surrounding reefs. Pro tip: With its shallow, turquoise water and soft sand, St. John’s Trunk Bay is often counted among the finest beaches in the world. Explore the diverse marine life with a snorkeling expedition along the Underwater Trail through a teeming coral reef. Getting there: There are no airports on the island, so boat travel is your main option. Ferries depart from two spots on St. Thomas—Red Hook and Charlotte Amalie—and take 20 to 45 minutes to arrive at Cruz Bay in St. John.

Now I understand that some of you would prefer we kept this secret to ourselves, but we should also be appreciative that we are able to live on and/or visit one of the most beautiful places on earth. Not everyone can say that 🙂

3 thoughts on “More Accolades For Our Beautiful Slice of Paradise…”

  1. What we should pray and hope for is that the island remains this way! Therefore a Mega Marina would not be a welcome site in fun and funky, and more laid back Coral Bay. Which certainly has issues to deal and cope with, like every where, but there is an army of dedicated and inspired people iin action to address such issues! St John does not need to become like every other island! It is unique! And it is this character that keeps us and waves of other people returning year after year.

    As a 21 year annual visitor (to this gem of an island) – increasing our length of stay each year we are passionate about STJ and its beauty! We do not travel to or sail to places that are overdeveloped and commercialized! Thank you to all that work so heard to protect the unique beauty of such a rare jewel! #savecoralbay!

  2. You might want to share the secret with the USVI government, who should know that the differences between St Thomas and St John are a plus, rather than a minus, for tourism. If development makes St John into St Thomas light, it could be detrimental for tourism on both islands.

    The marina proposed for Coral Bay, which appears to be considered a positive development by the USVI government as it has to be to receive a CZM permit, might do harm to both St Thomas and St John tourism by dimming the reputation of St John as a pristine, low key destination.

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