A plan for Coral Bay’s other marina

An attorney says a group known as T-Rex St. John LLC (nice
image, isn’t that?) plans to build a marina, condominium and commercial
development on Moravian Church property in Coral Bay, according to the St. John Source.  David Bornn
was quoted saying while plans are preliminary, "We just finished
documentation with the church."   Bornn added, "It’s a
community-oriented project and will benefit Coral Bay." The
church-owned land is a waterfront strip that runs behind Guy Benjamin
School, the fire house, and Skinny Legs, the Source reported.

3 thoughts on “A plan for Coral Bay’s other marina”

  1. I am looking for family members that is related to my father father Monroe Bornn…Please help me learn more of my families history thank you

  2. I found it quite interesting hearing that the Lawyer for “T-Rex”, David Bornn says that this project will benefit the Coral Bay Community. I certainly hope that they work with our Community’s needs better than they are presently demonstrating. Anyone happen to see the state of the broken, run-down bleachers and most importantly-basket ball court?
    Now that T-Rex is involved-we cannot get them to “step up to the plate” to allow improvements to be made for the good of our children and Youth in Coral Bay who use this area frequently. They say that the issue is “liability”.
    I say that it would be wonderful if T-Rex would work with the Community around this for the good of our children. Our Community even has the funds to fix this Court…I suggest T-Rex demonstrate their intentions to “benefit our Community” by responding in a more beneficial manner around this issue. Good stewardship goes a long way on our little Island-esp. in Coral Bay.

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