A St. John Favorite Opens in South Carolina Today!

A St. John Favorite Opens in South Carolina Today!

If you are traveling through the Charleston area and are hungry for a taste of St. John, you’re in luck!  A favorite restaurant, located in Cruz Bay, will be opening a second location on Sullivan’s Island today.  Bringing some favorite familiar flavors from Love City to visitors and residents of one of South Carolina’s top travel destinations.

A second installation of the Longboard will open its doors on Middle Street of Sullivan’s Island later today with a menu similarly focused on fresh seafood and craft cocktails with a trendy tropical feel.  When the Longboard opened on St. John in September of 2015, it was EXACTLY what we needed at the time.  Very few establishments were offering an expansive craft cocktail list or the variety of fresh and vibrant seafood (and vegetarian!) dishes that the new spot had available for St. John residents and visitors.

A St. John Favorite Opens in South Carolina Today! 1
The original Longboard on St. John

With a kind of “sophisticated surfer” vibe, the Longboard delivered a high quality product immediately that filled a niche on St. John that continues to be exceedingly popular.  The owners, Ballast Hospitality, opened a sister restaurant, The Easterly, in Red Hook in 2020 after battling some timeline setbacks delivered by Hurricane Irma.  The group’s second USVI restaurant delivers a bit more of a robust twist to the similarly extensive cocktail list and seafood selection.  This third South Carolina based concept restaurant will mimic the establishment of the same name in Cruz Bay and give Charleston residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy these flavors, created on St. John, throughout the year.

A St. John Favorite Opens in South Carolina Today! 2
Cocktails at The Longboard – St. John

If you are in the Sullivan Island area in the future, be sure to stop by and say hello and enjoy one of your favorite Caribbean style drinks on a different kind of island!

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  1. So excited to read of this new feature on Sullivan’s Island! We love St John and we love Sullivan’s Island, and will look forward to visiting this new establishment!

  2. How exciting. I live in NC but will plan to get to this area in the fall. Will look forward to eating there and having a couple of drinks, especially the frozen Painkiller.

  3. I live a short drive north of Sullivan’s Island. This is so exciting. We’ll be checking it out soon. Best wishes for a successful venture along the coast of South Carolina!

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