A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea!

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea!

A riveting short film popped up on my radar last weekend and, earlier this week, I took the time to watch this amazingly entertaining seven minute film about Caribbean Marine Ettiquette…Narrated by the sea life.  I was literally laughing out loud at the narration and perspectives as several very informative and oh so important messages were conveyed during the film.  Trust me when I say, you’ll want to take ten today in order to watch this Caribbean Marine Etiquette Public Service Announcement, created by Ziggy Livnat, that features some of our favorite friends from under the sea!

This film is introduced with scenes of sea life, accompanied by the ancient chants of the Taino Indians praising the life under the water.  We should all be so intuitive to watch out for the sacred creatures from the depths….

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea! 1

Oh, and to my pleasant surprise, in the first scene after the intro, a Spotted Trunk Fish started talking to me in Benicio del Toro’s voice!  In this film, we also hear from an Octopus, a sea turtle, a spotted eagle ray and several other varieties of beautiful Caribbean Reef fish in regards to protecting our beautiful underwater habitat.  I’m not kidding you, this short documentary is AWESOME for all ages!

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea! 2

A few specific items I want to point out.  First, this film was produced at least ten years ago.  So, although there is no mention of reef safe sunscreen in the video, I want to remind all of you that sunscreen containing Oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene are illegal in the US Virgin Islands AND incredibly harmful to our precious marine resources.  Basically, if the sunscreen you are using has anything other than Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide as an active ingredient, it is not safe for our reefs!

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea! 3

Second, I want to point out the importance of a point made at about 2:30 into the film.  There are high traffic areas for snorkelers where there may be coral that looks dead or rocky, specifically in the shallows of Christmas Cove and Waterlemon Cay.  Although, the coral itself may not be thriving, standing on it is STILL a GIANT no-no.  Every single time we have guests at these locations, I am able to easily point at people already in the water as an example of what NOT to do when snorkeling in the shallows.  Don’t stand on the coral, don’t kick the coral, don’t walk on the coral…You never know what type of precious creature is calling that seemingly dead shell or coral piece its home.

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea! 4

Third, I love the way they explain waste left on the beaches:  ANYTHING left on the beach, ends up in the ocean.  And plastic is the worst culprit to wind up in the waters surrounding us.  Do you know what sea turtles LOVE to eat?  Jellyfish.  Do you know what looks a lot like a jellyfish floating in the sea?  Plastic.

A PSA From Our Friends Under the Caribbean Sea! 5

When you head to the beach, leave plastic bags in your car to avoid them being left behind.  Opt for reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic.  And ALWAYS, take only photographs and leave only bubbles!

Ok, without further adieu….Take ten and watch this incredible film, filled with familiar faces from under the sea 🙂  Have a great weekend!

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