A prayer in Coral Bay

Cb_sign Midst the sadness about the removal of a funky collection of local business’ signs on land owned by the Moravian Church on land at the Coral Bay Triangle, a new sign’s appeared. It reads, “Dear God. Please bring back the signs. Amen."   (Photo courtesy of a friend who lives on the far East End.)

Earlier story:

Well, the familiar, entertaining, sometimes illegible, hodgepodge of
signs at the Coral bay Triangle has been removed.  Skinny's this way,
Salt Pond that way, the Trail Rides there, K2 Video to the left
… they’re gone.  It used to look like this. Photo by CptnKirk on the Virgin Islands On-Line forum where, of course, lots of people have some thoughts about how wise it is to make things in Coral Bay uniform.
Full story is here: http://barnako.typepad.com/news_of_st_john_usvi/coral_bay/

3 thoughts on “A prayer in Coral Bay”

  1. Horrible! Ridiculous! Outrageous! The signs were the ‘funkiness’ that led us to Coral Bay instead of Cruz Bay. Local flare, local art, local craziness. That’s the fun of the other side of the island.

  2. Susan..RELAX.Coral Bay Needs A Upgrade.Be Happy.The 60’s are “LONG GONE”The Fun Is Still There.I Have Been Comming To St.John Since 1991.I Still Love It.Sure There Are Changes.Coral Bay ROCK’S.A Sign!!!!!!!!!!! SOBER Up And Deal With It.

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