Friendly place in Surly’s spot

If you can get past the idea that the popular Mexican food eatery, the Surly Cantina, has moved on, there's a tasty treat waiting for you in the old, small space.

So say Karin and Bob Schlesinger. By day they run Tropical Focus Photography, specializing in "Extraordinary images with an island flair."  (www.TropicalFocus.com).  By evening, they're out and about.

Zack_2 This week they stopped by Wharfside Village  just in time for the soft opening of Wharfside Café – Love City’s Cantina. It's owned by Zack Williams, a former chef at the Stone Terrace restaurant.

Here's the Schlesingers' report.

"As hardcore fans of the Surly Cantina that recently closed on the same spot, we were skeptical anyone could follow in their footsteps. But, since we’d tried Surly’s during its opening, we decided to give the new folks a try.
"Let’s just say that surly has been replaced by friendly and we’ll gladly stand in line for a bite from now on. Yes, we predict there will often be a line.
"The Cantina is open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., with no siesta. Their goal is great fresh food served simply and inexpensively. A basic Taco Pastor with re-fried beans is only $3 or $6 for the pulled pork version.

Food_beer "Our tacos arrived topped with shredded red cabbage, diced tomatoes and lettuce. From the list of fresh sauces – we chose spicy avocado sauce on one taco, and fresh pico de gallo salsa with pineapple on the other. Next we split a mole chicken Taco Gringo, which is like a small quesadilla, for just $6. We were surprisingly sated by then.
"Zach and Ben were friendly and excited to finally be opening the place. Bob caught them a bit off-guard when he aimed his camera at them, but we wanted to share this place with everyone quickly. The place doesn’t have a website yet, so just stop by Wharfside Village. The menu is plastered to the door.
"We appeared to have been their first customers tonight. By the time we left, there were people eating all around us and a line waiting to order. Next time, we plan to try the burrito – it looked excellent! How does it compare to Surly Cantina? They are two very different places.
"Wharfside Café’ – Love City’s Cantina – good cheap eats made from fresh ingredients, without the siesta wait and served with friendly smile. Yum." (Featuring Sol Mexican beer, Sangria by the pitcher, tequila, rum, etc.)

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  1. Ate there myself yesterday, inexpensive, and delicious….I got the gringa with beef, perfect for middle of day lunch, with beer, of course….only $2 for Sol
    Can’t be beat

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