A New Gas Station Opens on Island!

Mid Way Gas Station is located on Centerline Road on St. John.
Mid Way Gas Station is located on Centerline Road.

Back in August, we told you that a new gas station and grocery store complex was being built on Centerline Road. Well today I’m excited to tell you that the gas station recently opened, and it’s full serve!

(You know you live on a small island when a new gas station that is offering full service is very big news!)

Mid Way Gas Station on St. John is full service
Full service!

Where Is the New Gas Station on St. John?

Mid Way Gas Station is located on Centerline Road just before Mile 3 (if coming from Cruz Bay) in the Adrian neighborhood. This is the third gas station on island – the other two were located in Cruz Bay – and it’s the closest gas station for those living or vacation in Coral Bay. Prior to this, people in Coral Bay had to drive at least 16 miles roundtrip simply to get gas.

There is also a grocery store at the complex, but that has not opened yet. Soon come…

The grocery store connected to Midway Gas Station on St. John
The grocery store has not opened yet.

Looks great, doesn’t it??!

What Are the Hours for the New Gas Station on St. John?

Mid Way Gas Station is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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6 thoughts on “A New Gas Station Opens on Island!”

  1. What a sad confluence of events for the owners of the new complex … please, pass along our best wishes for their long term success.

    We hope to visit St John early May.
    If we do we will buy gas from them and there.

  2. To be honest, a full service gas station anywhere is a big story. Haven’t seen full service since the 80’s although I understand it’s still a requirement in some states.

    Best of luck. The island needs it

  3. Looks great. It will be nice to have a gas station closer to the Coral Bay area. The grocery store will be nice also.

  4. I live in Coral Bay but EC Gas in Cruz Bay is worth driving those few extra miles for me. The folks at EC have always been there for us, especially during the aftermath of hurricanes Irma & Maria.
    That means something to me. I care more about those old school values and am willing to go the extra mile to show my thanks.

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