A Meteor Exploded Near St. John & Our Webcam Captured It!

Now this is cool…

I received an email Saturday night from a man named Brent who lives over in Skytop in Fish Bay. He told me how his friend Mark Sudduth is professional hurricane chaser and researcher. Mark told him how a meteor exploded over the Dominican Republic early Friday morning, and he thought that Brent’s webcam may have captured it. And it did! And guess what? So did mine! So exciting!

It’s not every day that your little webcam you installed to catch a sunset or boats pulling in and out of Great Cruz Bay catches a meteor exploding…

So what I have since learned is that what Brent and I captured on our webcams is called a bolide. A bolide is “the light emitted by a large meteoroid or asteroid as it explodes in the atmosphere,” according to the American Meteor Society. Check out this quick clip I pulled from my webcam:

Pretty neat, right??!

If you want to know a bit more about this bolide, please check out this three-minute video Mark made for his YouTube followers. It also includes footage from Brent’s webcam.

I don’t know about all of you, but my mind is blown over this. So very cool. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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