St. John Show #43: Hitchhikers, Return of Island Girl, American says ‘wait!’

Hitchiker A long time ago, hitchhiking was a common way to get from one end of the island to another. 

In recent years, not so much.  Tourists are sometimes reluctant to pick up strangers; locals may be wary of visitors. 

But what’s worse is when someone you know drives by and doesn’t stop.  Hey!  What’s going on?  Aren’t we friends?

The answer may be found in the latest issue of Ella Anderson’s St. John Sun Times.  There’s  a photographic guide for today’s hitchhiker – to help them understand why they may not get a ride.  While Ella says these signals are not quiet like the International Driving Signs, they’re at least a tongue-in-cheek introduction to the local custom.

Other items in this week’s St. John Show, which you can listen to below or on your iPod or Zune:  American’s four-hour standby suggestion, Island Girl’s 16-hour journey, and thoughts about island real estate.  (PS … Island Girl writes the BEST trip reports … her latest, which began yesterday, is at http://islandgirl.typepad.com/take_me_to_the_island/.)

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