A Little Underwater Life…

We know how much you all love a good underwater video . We received these two videos yesterday from our friend Scott Trerotola. They were so cool that we wanted to share them with you. Check them out…

3 thoughts on “A Little Underwater Life…”

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Loved these Videos. I can never get enough of this site. Thank you for keeping it interesting! I especially enjoy the video pieces.

    I also have a few videos from the island.
    This one of our snorkel from last Oct. was taken with a GoPro.
    You can view it here If you’d like:

    I also have more of our times on St. John, and one of St. Thomas….
    They are here:


    I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Thanks very much for posting these beautiful videos. Would Scott mind sharing what gear he used to get this amazing turtle and shark footage? Thanks!

  3. Happy to. That’s a gopro hero 3 on an Alaskalife extendable pole. They claim this pole is waterproof we shall see. Because I like stills as well as video, I have the go pro in dual capture mode at 1080p, 30FPS, taking stills every 5 sec.

    Other footage and stills you’ve seen posted here have been on a Cao=non Powershot D30 which does great underwater pics and video also


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