More festival photos

Cc@kathryn_wagner Just like Christopher Walken wants 'more cowbell', there are some people who can't get enough of photos from the recent St. John festival.

For them, there are exhibitions.  One online and one offline.

The online gallery was produced by Kathryn Wagner.  Her specialties are travel and food photography in the U.S. and Caribbean.  Her online show is available here. (That's one of her photos, too.)

The offline exhibition is at the Eliane I Sprauve Library in Cruz bay.  Bill Stelzer's "Moments between the Moments" is available Monday through Friday.  Awed by the colors and the music of the festival, Stelzer also saw that the parade event requires stamina, hard work and focus.

"I don't think it is literally even possible to for me to see the parade without my camera in my hands," he said. 

Stelzer also posted about 125 of his shots on his Facebook pages.

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  1. ok. well, frank. I have lived here since you started this “news” website and i must say. I have logged in since its inception. This will be my last time. You have gotten lazy, nosey, and downright lame. I hope you read this and realize it is not a personal attack but dude your website is no longer what it was and you should just enjoy the states and your rental here. Leave the news to the people that are full timers. I look forward to a spirited rebuttal but understand if it doesn’t satisfy.

  2. Keep up the good work Frank! For those of us who try to visit at least once a year we look forward to reading your newsletter on a regular basis. It keeps us up to date on any changes, good or bad, as well as the St. John current events. Thanks Frank!

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