A Little Escape: Pics & Video from Yesterday

A Little Escape: Pics & Video from Yesterday 1
Hawksnest Bay, March 13, 2020

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Yesterday we promised to continue business as usual here, because we recognize that many of you need a quick escape from what is currently happening around the world.

We took a group out on an island tour yesterday and took numerous pics and videos to share with all of you. We put together a quick little video and added some music to it. You can watch it with or without sound. Enjoy.


14 thoughts on “A Little Escape: Pics & Video from Yesterday”

  1. Thank you Jenn, St. John is a very special place on this planet and your wonderful video is “the next best thing to being there!”

  2. Thanks so much, Jenn. A much needed respite in a challenging week. A month ago today we were headed there….sigh…

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