A Great Way to Waste Some Time at Work Today :)

Ferry dock, Cruz Bay
Ferry dock, Cruz Bay

Hello every and happy Thursday! I know that many of you are reading this from somewhere chilly or perhaps you just received several inches of snow like my poor folks up in Connecticut, so I’m thinking that there are many of you who need a nice little St. John escape today. And for those of you who are lucky enough to be reading this where it’s a bit warmer, I’m sure you will enjoy this too.

I’ve been looking for a larger place here on island to accommodate Little Man’s arrival this summer, so I’ve been perusing Google Maps quite a bit over the past few weeks. While doing so, I realized that Google mapped a good number of our roads here prior to the hurricanes. Now some of you may have known this, but it is news to me. I knew they were here on island back in 2016, but I didn’t realize just how many roads they were able to capture. It’s pretty neat.

For those of you who are not familiar with this, Google basically puts a camera on top of a car and drives around, recording everything it sees. This means that you can see a lot of the island pre-storm. Check out a few screen grabs:

la tapa downtown google maps
La Tapa, Quiet Mon, Cruz Bay
cruz bay overlook google maps
Cruz Bay overlook, North Shore Road
skinnys google maps
Skinny Legs, Coral Bay

Pretty neat, right?

According to Google, all of the images were captured in October 2016. And as I mentioned, a good deal often island was captured. You can see pretty much every street in and around Cruz Bay. They captured North Shore Road all the way out to the parking lot at Annaberg and the upper lot at Francis. You can see the majority of the south shore neighborhoods all the way out to Fish Bay. Centerline Road is on there too all the way out past Skinny’s where the road to Estate Fortsberg begins. There isn’t as much in Coral Bay at this time, but they did get almost up to the old Island Blues building and a bit up Harold’s Way.

Check it out for yourselves. You can see it by visiting maps.google.com. Type in 00830 for the zip code to find St. John quicker. Then click the small satellite button in the bottom lefthand corner. Next click the little yellow guy in the bottom right corner. Drag him to wherever you’d like to see on the map. If the road turns blue, it means it’s been captured.

Happy exploring everyone!

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  1. Thank you so much! What a great birthday gift! We’ve spent my birthday camping in Cinnamon Bay for the past eight years! This year we can’t do that, but decided to head to a St. John apartment for a week next month. We hope to support the economy and get away from this crazy New England weather.

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