A good time to buy a St. John villa?

The government says this is a buying opportunity for VI real estate.

MORTGAGEIn a news release, Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis said the cost of money is low. "These rates that we are seeing may enable residents to achieve their goals of home ownership or to refinance their existing mortgages," he explained.

VI law puts a ceiling on the maximum rate for a mortgage.  Currently, it is 5% on loans up to $100,000. Points can be charged above that.

How's the market?  Lots of reasonably priced choices, as you can see here on the Multiple Listing Service. (Yes, that link goes to our villa, Blue TangCatered To's best-renting two-bedroom property, at Great Cruz Bay.) [And yes, the Inquiring Iguana is shameless, pushing his own house!)

There are 141 villas on the market today, with an average asking price of $1.9 million. That's down from $2 million in May of this year. Half the villas for sale are priced above $1.4 million, half below that.

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